Roulette Rivals Records

Records are timed using the spin-timer, starting at the arrival of the spin, ending at pressing "Done" on the Roulette page.
Multi-map records are calculated by adding up all spin-timers of all maps.
Shortest match with 2+ maps
Whittleton Creek (04:05)
Dartmoor (02:03)
06:08Phanium, JokerjRR9 Round 2
Shortest match with 3+ maps
Hokkaido (03:54)
Sapienza (05:27)
Dartmoor (02:54)
12:15DocLewie, PhaniumRR13 Round 2
Shortest match with 4+ maps
Dubai (02:55)
Mendoza (05:18)
Sapienza (07:23)
Dartmoor (01:50)
17:26Sparkles, GorgRR13 LB Round 4
Shortest match with 5+ maps
Hokkaido (04:24)
Dartmoor (02:07)
Paris (02:22)
Marrakesh (07:15)
Chongqing (05:32)
21:40Frote7, IlikeHitmanRR11 LB Round 5
Shortest match with 6+ maps
New York (04:40)
Paris (01:36)
Marrakesh (06:52)
Mumbai (05:43)
Ambrose Island (03:53)
Berlin (09:41)
32:25Scruffy, The Rieper 47RR14 Grand Final
Shortest decider
Dubai (02:29)
02:29linux_penguin, DuckerRR13 Round 1


  • Viktor Novikov: Falling Object as Palace Staff
  • Dalia Margolis: Explosion (Accident) as CICADA Bodyguard
01:36ScruffyRR14 Grand Final vs The Rieper 47
  • Silvio Caruso: Sniper Rifle as Mansion Staff
  • Francesca De Santis: Fall as Cyclist
03:58ScruffyRR13 Round 5 vs In4Fun
  • Reza Zaydan: Neck Snap as Military Officer
  • Claus Hugo Strandberg: Fiber Wire as Military Solider
04:38ChrisX3RRWC2021 Group E vs JohnnyAxXx
  • Jordan Cross: Injected Poison as Jordan Cross' Bodyguard
  • Ken Morgan: Kitchen Knife as Morgan's Bodyguard
02:44Dein NomosRR14 Round 2 vs Parapluie
  • Sean Rose: Explosion (Accident) as Point Man
  • Penelope Graves: Fall as Militia Elite
  • Ezra Berg: Thrown Cleaver as Militia Technician
  • Maya Parvati: Consumed Poison as Militia Cook
05:45PhaniumRR11 Round 4 vs Blithe
  • Erich Soders: Shotgun as Surgeon
  • Yuki Yamazaki: Neck Snap as Resort Security
02:39MeekahRRWC2022 Round 3 vs Pigiero
  • Sierra Knox: Sniper Rifle as Aeon Mechanic
  • Robert Knox: SMG as Event Security
04:17YanniniRR13 Round 3 vs Scruffy
Santa Fortuna
  • Rico Delgado: Sniper Rifle as Mansion Staff
  • Jorge Franco: Loud Explosive (Weapon) as Coca Field Guard
  • Andrea Martínez: Sacrifical Knife as Hippie
05:53DaniButaRRWC2022 Group A vs Joats
  • Wazir Kale: Silenced Assault Rifle as Elite Thug
  • Vanya Shah: Fiber Wire as Food Vendor
  • Dawood Rangan: Silenced Pistol as Suit
05:43ScruffyRR14 Grand Final vs The Rieper 47
Whittleton Creek
  • Janus: Silenced SMG as Garbage Man
  • Nolan Cassidy: Electrocution as Sheriff Masterson
03:27ScruffyRR13 WB Final vs Phanium
Isle of Sgàil
  • Zoe Washington: Sniper Rifle as Elite Guard
  • Sophia Washington: Silenced Pistol as Architect
02:52In4FunRR11 LB Round 3 vs OhShitMan
New York
  • Athena Savalas: Kitchen Knife as High Security Guard
01:53ScruffyRR13 Grand Final vs In4Fun
Haven Island
  • Tyson Williams: Neck Snap as Villa Staff
  • Steven Bradley: Silenced Assault Rifle as Villa Guard
  • Ljudmila Vetrova: Fire Axe as Personal Trainer
05:37ScruffyRR12 Grand Final vs Dein Nomos
  • Carl Ingram: Explosive (Weapon) as Art Crew
  • Marcus Stuyvesant: SMG as Event Staff
01:26ScruffyRR11 LB Final vs TheTimeCube
  • Alexa Carlisle: Electrocution as Private Investigator
01:23PhaniumRR14 LB Round 7 vs Frote7
  • ICA Agent #1: Consumed Poison as Dealer
  • ICA Agent #2: Assault Rifle as Bartender
  • ICA Agent #3: Silenced SMG as Technician
  • ICA Agent #4: Loud Pistol as Delivery Guy
  • ICA Agent #5: Neck Snap as Suit (No Target Pacification)
05:43ScruffyRR14 Round 5 vs Moo
  • Hush: Drowning as Researcher
  • Imogen Royce: Pistol as Facility Security
02:51PhaniumRRWC2023 WB Final vs Scruffy
  • Don Archibald Yates: Explosion (Accident) as Bodyguard
  • Tamara Vidal: Silenced Sniper Rifle as Suit
03:22MooRR10 WB Final vs Phanium
Ambrose Island
  • Noel Crest: Meat Fork as Cook
  • Sinhi "Akka" Venthan: Assault Rifle as Suit (No Target Pacification)
03:31ThatObserverRRWC2023 Round 3 vs Phanium

Retired Records

This section contains records which are no longer actively tracked or achievable, due to rule changes, etc.
Longest regular match
Mumbai (46:18)
Whittleton Creek (12:01)
Berlin (47:00)
Colorado (01:00:00)
Dubai (24:58)
03:10:17Max Masters, OhShitManRR7 Round 1
Longest decider
Colorado (02:02:24)
02:02:24The_Buff_Guy, SovietDubovRR6 Round 2